Rapid Genomic Structural Analysis in the Cloud

Making genomic structural analysis fast, scalable, and accessible

Structural analysis at the molecular level is a major technical challenge of genomics. Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc. recognized this and formed the Life Informatics Center with a goal of building genomic structural analysis solutions that access the speed and scale of the cloud with the visual power and accessibility of a web browser. Human Chromosome Explorer™ is our solution for structural variation analysis for the Nabsys HD-Mapping platform. Our hope is that structuralvariation.bio serves as an introductory resource and discussion forum for genomic structural variation analysis using whole genome mapping and the power of the cloud. Let us know what you think. Contact Us.


Human Chromosome Explorer

Fast, accurate structural variation analysis using human whole human genome maps.


The “Hitachi Tree” is a famous monkeypod tree living in Oahu, HI that has been used since 1973 to represent valued corporate qualities of Hitachi such as comprehensive drive and reliability. Most recently the imagery of the tree has been tied to Hitachi’s corporate slogan “Inspire the Next.” As a tribute to the tree and our strong commitment to inspiring the next breakthroughs in the study of genomic structural variation and disease, the Life Informatics Center has nicked named Human Chromosome Explorer’s advanced de novo assembly and structural variation analysis pipeline the “Monkeypod Tree Process”.


This is only the beginning. We view the ability to unlock the genome as a critical step in better treating disease and increasing the quality of life for humanity. Human Chromosome Explorer and Microbial Explorer are part of a greater vision we call the Human Genome Data Infrastructure. It is a platform to integrate and analyze personal health information with genomic data to speed drug discovery and medical research while improving the delivery of healthcare. We are actively seeking collaborators to help build our vision. Contact us to learn more.